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four-seasons-chocolate-bouquetYou may have thought you know all there is to know about this glorious creation of mankind, but wait till we surprise you with everything else that awaits to be discovered! Not everyone likes to admit they are crazy about chocolate since it has so many alternative effect mainly being known for lots of sugar and weight gain- then again we only live once. Welcome to the world of Salon Chocolate!

The dreamiest chocolates with a hefty price tag!

When one thinks of chocolate, the first words that come to mind are delicious, luxurious, comfort, extravagance and delight! The extent to which luxury and extravagance can go together when it comes to chocolate has no limits! There are chocolatiers that even pack it in Swarovski-encrusted boxes, to those who wrapped in gold-leaf and then there are even those have edible gold as part of their ingredients – with the most expensive even comes made to order priced at no less than $2,600 a box! Now that must be a chocolate fit for a king! Come and learn how extravagant chocolate actually gets.

The world of chocolate varieties!

There are endless choices of chocolate in all their glorious forms, from dark to bittersweet, from white chocolate to semi-sweet. There’s something for anyone with a remotely sweet tooth! The percentage of cacao actually determines how dark the chocolate will be. We explore the world over to uncover the many different varieties of chocolate that can be both exclusive and off-the-shelf brands you love most.

What does chocolate and Hollywood have in common?

It’s hard to imagine that a movie can be based on fantasy, adventure, horror, sci-fi, comedy and everything under the sun. Whatever it may be there is always an open door when it comes to chocolate as a theme that returns time and time again. There are classic stories you already know ranging from great Children’s authors to modern-day romance themes. Hollywood is pretty devoted to the worship of chocolate and it shows up in film more often than you think. Have you seen any of these films lately, be sure to check them out.

A romantic relationship with chocolate?

Although chocolate by itself will still always manage to satisfy, pairing it up with delicacies that complement the burst of flavor brings an endless array of exciting options! From cakes that ooze molten chocolate lava, to a heart-warming cup of hot chocolate, to tarts, biscuits, ice creams, and donuts, it’s next to impossible to see these pairings fail! Some daring lovers of chocolate take it to the next level by mixing it up with more exotic ingredients, such as Mexican chili or Himalayan sea salt, to name a few! Certainly not for the faint-hearted, but it surely doesn’t stop there! With all these fun chocolate-pairing options, there can never be a dull moment in life! So little time, so much chocolate to try! We have a romantic relationship with our sponsors from Thanks to their support we are able to maintain and host this site and pay our writers. Visit if you want to find out about the best Canadian online casinos and slot machines in Canada.

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