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The rarest Chocolate you’ll die to get you hands on!

When you think of buying some chocolate, many things come to your mind. Most of us always remember the sweetest chocolate tastes they’ve ever had. However, it mostly remains a fantasy for the rest of your life. In any case, most of us have tries some kind of chocolate once never to try it again. You might even try to track it down for years just to fulfill that experience all over again. The following are types of chocolate that you will rarely find. Perhaps one of these is that exact flavor you had once and are looking to have it all to yourself!

Amedei Porcelana dark chocolate1. Amedei Porcelana This is a dark chocolate made in Italy. However, it is native to Venezuela. It is made of translucent, white cocoa beans of ‘Porcelena' with the porcelain-like color. Amadei Porcelana comes in single packs that are the standard for packaging chocolate bars. Porcelana has also won some awards from the Golden Bean award, Academy of chocolate, Best bean bar and Best Dark chocolate.

2. La Esmeralda This very rare chocolate comes in limited editions. The chefs behind it say that they are working to enhance its production to guarantee availability and diversity in the future. Its production is just as exclusive as the chocolate itself. The organic cocoa beans are grown by a family in the Dominican Republic. The chefs responsible for unlocking the magic within the cocoa unlocking that captivating bean flavor into a chocolate bar -starts right from the harvesting process. They produce a custom-made recipe on the spot, living an authentic, outstanding and hypnotic human experience.

3. Debauve Gallais's Le Livre This chocolate was commemorating the 200th anniversary. Starting from the package, to the 35 chocolate bars, you will know from the beginning that this is not the kind of chocolates you are used to The gold-embossed box made of leather is almost similar to a book or an encyclopedia. To the bars, they are white and golden in color, leaving a mesmerizing experience that you will always yearn to have again.

4. Richart's Intense Valentine Gourmet Chocolates This chocolate is best known for its ability to blend special aromas that you just don't get whenever you want to Made by one of the master chocolatiers from France, the bars are in this seven aromas: citrus, spicy, herbal, floral, balsam, fruity and roasted. This type makes many people often think that it is lost forever but it exists. The chocolatiers have won several awards for the delicious chocolate bars they always do.

5. The Forever Bar. As its name suggests, forever, it is a chocolate you want to stay having forever. However, it was once out of people's sight. The tree that produces the seeds was discovered in Ecuador in the 1600's and it dominated the Europe and US markets. Probably, because of the over-harvesting, the tree became extinct. For 100 years the people were out of Forever Chocolate. Not until it was rediscovered in Peru. It was then tested and proved to be the one, and what a rediscovery it was! It immediately took its first position for it is among the most honored and treasured bars.

Salon Chocolat