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Chocolate delicacies that go hand in hand

I know that chocolate alone is fine, but chocolate with other compatible foods is the best. It is possible to spend a day eating chocolates especially if you are a chocolate geek like I am. If you can eat chocolate alone, what if I introduced you to several foods that I have paired well to go hand in hand with chocolate? Most people already know that chocolate is a natural drug that helps to induce that happiness release of dopamine and serotonin in your system. Combined with other delicacies that you wouldn’t expect will heighten the experience can be similar to the results that many fans of raw oysters have sworn-by for hundreds of years. It just goes to show that some odd bedfellows go together like two peas in a pod. Much like the traditional slot machine and the familiar symbols that are associated to the game. There are often bars, stars, bells, fruits and other lucky icons showing, all of which have a history tied to the machine itself.  Chocolate has no boundaries when it comes to potential combinations (check the chocolate covered Canadian bacon) that make an extreme sounding combo at first but also share a rich history at the same time. Speaking of Canadian, we also offer a great combination with absolutely free fun play with nothing risked right here with these Canadian slot machines that combine skill and thrill with a bit of the Great White North.

It gets more weird and sweeter. There are different combinations that suit different types of chocolate. Others are just universal. You can mix them with any kind of chocolate you want to

black-and-white-chocolate-covered-strawberriesChocolate covered Strawberries

White chocolate is compatible with several delicacies that make it become so unique and sweet. Firstly, there are the strawberries. They are the best however old-fashioned they are. To break the monotony, you can whip up a chocolate soufflé than add a similar amount caviar. This is a mouth-watering recipe that you will love.

Chocolate covered Bacon

Chocolate does well in many things, but we have to exalt its result when done with bacon. Everyone gets amazed and surprised by the delicious flavor when they bite into this treat. It remains the subject of praise for years to come. Many of us try even to do the recreate the same recipe at home, at least to have that salty bite come return the experience all over again.

Chocolate covered cherries

These are ripe fresh cherries dipped in melted chocolate. A good idea that you nay never have experienced is to have the cherries covered halfway with white chocolate and the other with semisweet chocolate. Than they were refrigerated for an hour or so before eating.


This is the world leading extravagant luscious chocolate combination. It is a rich, smooth, full of flavor chocolate that inspires a passion like no other. Once you are into it, trust me you are always wanting another one. You can't watch days get into weeks and weeks into months without you getting them again.

Chocolate Fudge Cheese

Have you ever heard that chocolate goes incredibly-well with cheese? This they are absolutely correct. They are also elegant holiday gifts and you can send them to your loved one for a surprise they will love to experience. Just make sure that the cheese you decide to cover in chocolate fudge is kept cool otherwise that cheese can be bad news for those who get poisoned with cheese mold or bacteria.

Below there is an unending list of other combos worth trying with chocolate:

Caramel, Honey, Coconut, Lavender, Pink Himalayan salt, Curry powder, Orange, Raspberries, Asiago, Chai tea, Darjeeling tea, black tea, Colombian coffee, Kenyan coffee, Sumatran coffee, Yemeni coffee, Ethiopian coffee, Kona coffee, Raspberry beers, Blueberries, Cranberry, cashews, Wisconsin mixed-milk cheese, macadamia nuts and vintage port.

Salon Chocolat